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1) Choose 2-10 characters who are in a relationship. 
2) Don't change the questions.
3) Let your characters answer.
4) Tag 5-10 people: ha no
5) Have fun. 



1) Who are you? Age / race?

Randy: *bows head slightly* It's nice to meet you, My name is Randy Smith, I'm 22, turning 23 next month and I am a male human.

Savage: Hello~ My name is Savage Domain and I am 17, I'm also some sort of Demon thing but I'm not sure exactly what I'm called :3

2) Now who's your lover? Whats his/her age/race?

Randy: My 'lover' is the beautiful young lady Candy Central, I'm not sure of her age though I'm almost positive she's my age. She's a demon, though she's sweeter than any demon I've ever met.

Savage: ummmm my girlfriend is Persephone Gevaudan and she's absolutely awesome~ She's the same age as me and her species is a Gavaudan Beast, at least that's what I think the species is called.

3) What makes your lover so special?

Randy:*smiles a little bit, but then goes back to blank expression* She's sweet and kind, understanding as well. She's also one of the only people I've ever opened up to properly and she's just so loving and wonderful to me in every way, I adore her with everything I have and love we will all my heart.

Savage: Well, lots of things I guess. She's always been pretty amazing. She's always there for me and has always stuck by me, she's never judged me either and to me...she's just so...perfect...I can't really describe it though. *blushes and smiles*

4) Have you ever doubted your lover?

Randy: No, I can trust Candy with anything, I'd never doubt her.

Savage: Well, no, not necessarily, I've never really needed to doubt her, she's always pretty honest with me and makes good decisions most of the time.

5) Have you ever used pick up lines on your lover? Which ones?

Randy: I don't think I've used any pick up lines, but I say stuff like 'you're sweeter than Candy' because of her name, that's about it though.

Savage: Noooo, I dun think so, but maybe I should o3o

6) Which is the most embarrassing moment you've had with your lover?

Randy: *looks to the side in shame* She had to pick me up from the bar after a birthday and caught me drunk...

Savage: I-I'm not so sure...I get embarrassed and do dumb things quite a lot around her....

7) Do you believe in sex after marriage?

Randy: Well no not necessarily, considering I've already lost my virginity.

Savage: Not really...I'm not very traditional and I don't really care that much about that sort of stuff.

8) Do you have any sexual desires that you would like to try with your lover? If you do then what is it?

Randy: Maybe, though that is not a matter I'm willing to discuss with a complete stranger.

Savage: Yeah...*blushes and looks to the side* but I'm not telling you anything >/////<

9) What really turns you on?

Randy: I just said I will not discuss that with you and why would I tell you anyway?"

Savage: *blushes more and mumbles* Having my ears and neck licked or touched sexually....*blushing heavily*

10) Do you know your lover's weak spot? Does he/she know yours?

Randy: *nods and sighs* Yes I know hers and yes she does know mine as well.

Savage: Yeah she know's mine and I know her's, though I don't think I know all of them.

11) What happens if you find your lover with another man/woman? How would you interpret that? Familiar? Friend? Cheating? 

Randy: I would I assume it's a friend of hers or someone bothering her. She would never be unfaithful to me nor would I ever be unfaithful to her.

Savage: I'd probably get jealous or suspicious, but that's just the way I am...she has quite a few guy friends though so I'd probably think it's a friend of hers.

12) Any fantasy with your lover? Pervy answers allowed.

Randy: *blushes lightly* Why should I tell you? *pushes up his glasses*

Savage: Yeah- I mean maybe >//////>

13) Ever had fights?

Randy: No not really, we debate or bicker some times but that's about it.

Savage: *nods* Yeah a few, though that's just normal in a relationship I suppose.

14) How was the love confession?

Randy: Very nerve racking, I was the one confessing.

Savage: I can't remember it was so long ago, I think it was a gradual thing, like I dropped hints and then we just told each, but I remember being nervous.

15) How do you feel about your lover's family members? Do you know them?

Randy: Yes, she has to Sister's, Lilly is a nice girl, but her Sister Korra doesn't seem to fond of me.

Savage: Yeah, she has her Dad, he's nice, he's very protective over her, but I understand.

16) Speaking of families, do you wish to start one together?

Randy: To be honest...I hope so...I'd love to start a family with Candy, though we haven't been together for so long, so I'm not sure...

Savage: *blushes* Well...I don't know maybe...I'd love to stay with Persephone, if we manage staying together that long...of course, it would be a dream come true~

17) We're finished! What are you going to do now?

Randy: Probably watch T.V. or something....

Savage: I'm gonna go and do homework. T^T

Candy - :iconthelaughingkitten:

Persephone - :iconfelixdcemone:

Savage Currently by C-bear1999
Savage Currently
Hey guys~

This is a picture of Savage and his most recent set of appearance~ OwO

Yes those are horns.
No those are not tattoos.
Yes he is very muscular in the arm area's.
Yes he is super attractive XD

And his hair is down because he's been wearing it down a bit lately.

Actually being in hell is making a few changes to the way he is physically and mentally at the moment.


Hope you like~
Winter snuggles by C-bear1999
Winter snuggles
Hey guys~
Just Adrian and Birdy again~
They're just havin some winter cuddle time~ UwU
And yeah they aren't wearing their masks as they usually are~

Hope you like~!
Adrian and Birdy~ by C-bear1999
Adrian and Birdy~
Hey guys~

This is just a drawing of my only couple that I made completely on my own, their names are Aidrian and Birdy and I absolutely adore them~ QwQ

Birdy's is the one with the full mask and Adrians the one with the half mask~

And yes Birdy's a chick

Hope you like~
Ma beautiful bubu's by C-bear1999
Ma beautiful bubu's
Just Adrian and Birdy...again UwU
Though a bit more casual in this picture

I can't help it, I love them//shot

Hope you like~


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